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on Jun 17, 2024 12:32:43 PM

If your company doesn’t have enough staff on payroll to justify a full-time, in-house human resources (HR) manager, or your existing administrative or HR personnel have too much on their plate, finding an HR consultant or HR consulting firm could be a great option. 

The benefits of outsourcing your HR can be both tangible and intangible – some general benefits can include staying ahead of changing legislation and compliance to remain on the right side of the law, improving employee engagement and morale, standardizing operational procedures, and streamlining various employee administrative processes.

Recruiting New Employees

While HR consultants can certainly screen candidates, sit in on interviews, and contribute to the recruitment process, there are benefits that come long before interviews even start. Consultants can help businesses build recruitment strategies and formulate good hiring practices and principles while helping to drive qualified applicants to job openings through job boards or outbound promotions including direct candidate outreach. Consultants help with workforce management of all employees throughout the employee lifecycle. 

Ineffective recruitment and the wrong hire can be very costly to a budding business. While HR consulting strategies can truly help a business hire best-fit candidates, quickly. These new hires are better vetted and more likely to mature into productive, profitable, and long-term employees.

Avoiding Litigation and Maintaining HR Compliance

Employee relations may take off smoothly when you begin to first hire employees, but rough patches can occur from time-to-time. HR consultants can help you take proactive measures to prevent such situations.

When there are actual complaints filed by employees, you need to have an HR professional in on the discussions that follow and help determine the appropriate course of action. Companies tend to hire outside HR consultants even when they do have their own in-house departments. HR consulting firms can ensure that the integrity of workplace investigations is maintained. HR consultants have experience in workplace dispute mediation and resolution can help prevent any litigation costs.

Outsourcing HR Tasks

Outsourcing human resources tasks and work is a great way to save on the costs involved in hiring and maintaining a workforce in-house, while increasing productivity and efficiency. HR consultants also scale with your business. What can start with handling payroll processing can turn into handling benefits administration, open enrollment tasks, time-off requests, and so much more.

By outsourcing your HR, you are no longer tying up expensive internal resources on employer-related HR & payroll responsibilities and administrative tasks. Without this burden, you can focus on developing strategies that create growth & enhance your competitive edge and eliminate employee risk by having a human resources expert handling it.

HR consultants not only manage day-to-day HR tasks, but also the time-consuming and tricky to navigate labor issues that could throw your company off its edge. HR consultants become business partners with your company, handling:

  • Guidance and support on regulatory & legislative updates 
  • Policy Development
  • HR Strategy and Communications
  • Employee Handbook Review and Maintenance
  • Job Description Review/Development
  • Best Practices and Administration of EEO, FMLA, ADA
  • Manager Relations/Employee Relations
  • Employment Law Posters & Updates
  • Compensation/Salary Benchmarking*
  • Follow up on required Acknowledgements, Notifications and Disclaimers
  • On-Site Training*
  • Performance Management Review and Maintenance 
  • Management Counseling
  • Employee Relation Issues
  • Leave Management/Administration
  • Compensation changes based on promotions, transfers, and merit increases

Without the proper knowledge, your company can attract costly litigation, fines, and a demoralized employee workforce. Having a certified staff with knowledge of HR laws and regulations throughout the US provides peace of mind and helps you avoid exposure to liability claims.

An HR consultant can complement an in-house HR team

If you have an in-house HR team already, you should still consider outsourcing larger projects to an HR consultant. The internal HR team needs to concentrate on the day-to-day tasks involved in running the organization. Members of that team tend to have little time to design a workforce plan, or to implement it. Hiring an HR consultant for these projects can help in-house staff stay focused on their job.

HR consultants become dedicated human resource business partners and administrators for your company. An HRO team exists solely to support their clients so that means that companies enjoy all of the benefits of having a competent, professional team working for them - without all of the hassles of maintaining a group of full-time employees. 

Finding the right outsourced HR provider

So, what should you look for in an outsourced HR provider? HRCG delivers support with powerful tools and technology all backed by dedicated professional HR, Benefits and Payroll experts. This integrated state-of-the-art technology and expertise is otherwise cost-prohibitive for companies to source and maintain individually. In addition to technology, HRCG provides the hands-on support that management teams need to manage compliance issues. HRCG professionals provide high-touch service, proactive strategies, and positive solutions for the employees at all levels of their partner clients’ organizations. 

By putting your money to better use, you mitigate risks and liabilities of non-compliance, establish processes and workflows, and create a better employee experience to empower and engage your workforce.  

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