HCM for Municipalities and Local Government Agencies

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The isolved People Cloud enables you to manage your most important asset - your people.

Municipalities and local government agencies have unique, highly-specific requirements regarding HR and payroll. From staying compliant with changing regulations to the pressure of attracting and retaining talent, it's a challenge to stay on top of it all, especially when unfilled positions within this sector have a direct impact on the communities they serve. That's where we come in. The Human Resource Consulting group simplifies workforce management for municipalities and local government agencies, by securely and efficiently handling HR, Benefits, Payroll and Workforce Management. This leaves you to focus on enabling and empowering your team to maximize productivity throughout the entire operation of your department and agency. Thus, giving you the time back to focus on your community. 

Key Benefits of Our HR & Payroll Solution

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Maintain Compliance

Easily maintain compliance with complex regulations, from employee classification to tax filing and reporting.

time saving

Save Time & Costs

Reduce time and costs associated with paper forms and manual processes.

data accuracy

Real-Time Reporting

Key employee data and insights at your finger tips, when you need it.

Our clients say we make it easy, it's true.


Comprehensive, affordable service that makes payroll quick, accurate, and easy for your business and your employees.

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Full Human Relations operations through outsourcing services or as a complement to your existing HR department.

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Benefits administration as an outsourced service, with the advantage of our economies of scale and technology.

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Meticulous attention to detail to your time and labor systems, creating easy-to-understand reports and data.

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Hire better employees, easier, and faster, with robust tools for recruitment, hiring, and onboarding.

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 Achieve tangible results, capture and promote progress of your business from the most accurate source,  your employees. 

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The HR and Payroll platform that does it all. 

Are you ready to simplify your Municipal & Government HR, Payroll, & HCM Processes? This free guide highlights the power of our user-focused solution for Payroll, HR, Time, and Benefits.

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