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Employee performance is a crucial factor that directly impacts how a company achieves its business objectives. Companies need to build a structured performance management system and strategy so that it's easy for managers to track employee performance status, monitor growth progress, and provide feedback with real-time data. 

Our isolved Share & Perform software enables employers to manage employee performance in a way that generates tangible results and provides real-time progress reports. Our highly flexible performance management solution will automate your performance review process, allowing performance tracking throughout the whole employee lifecycle, and making it easy for consistent communication and feedback that helps drive more success.

With our performance management software, both employers and employees can get a real-time look into employees' productivity, growth, and progress toward goals. Employers can recognize and reward high performance and success promptly, enhance collaboration and productivity across the organization, and leverage real-time data and insights to make informed decisions to meet and exceed business goals.

Performance Reviews Tailored to Your Business's Needs
Performance Reviews Tailored to Your
Business's Needs
Custom Goals & Monitoring for Groups and Individuals
Custom Goals &
Monitoring for Groups
and Individuals
360° Feedback Process for Employee & Leadership Growth
360° Feedback Process
for Employee &
Leadership Growth
"Nine-Box" Tech for Identifying Employee Career Potential
"Nine-Box" Tech for Identifying Employee Career Potential
Flexible and customizable performance review system that molds to your business needs and employee diversity.
Our performance solution allows for the development of both standard and custom goals by individual and team.
Our performance software provides a full 360-degree picture of feedback from employee self-reviews to manager reviews.
Easily assess and identify employee potential, from underperformers to top performers and everything in between.
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isolved Performance Management Software

The isolved Share & Perform solution will transform your employee performance review process and help you gain insights into each aspect of employee performance. Our solution provides tangible feedback that drives results, all while keeping your employees engaged by improving employee morale and retention with a positive company culture & experience.

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A Performance Management Solution That Gets Results 

Improve Employee Engagement & Performance

HRCG - Performance Management Solution Guide

Transform Employee
Productivity & Wellbeing

Download this guide to see how our performance solution helps businesses with tracking employee performance and improving employee experience.

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HRCG - Performance Reviews Guide

Improve Your Performance Review Process

Download this guide and see how you can improve your employee performance review process in 5 easy steps and practical guidance on executing each step.

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HRCG - Share & Perform Features Brochure

Build an Engaging Workforce
that Delivers Results

Download this guide and see what our performance management solution offers in helping businesses build an engaged workforce and how it benefits your business.

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Features of Our Performance Management Software Solution 


With our Share & Perform software solution, you'll be able to drive employee engagement and accountability like never before. Get insights into the performance and results of every member of your team while keeping everyone aligned with the goals of the company.

Energize Company Culture

Increase Operational Efficiency & Compliance

Connect Virtual Teams

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Manage & Create Rapid Growth

And Much, Much More...

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