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Empower & Upskill Your Workforce with a Robust
Learning Management System

Learning opportunities are one of the key factors employees seek in an employer, so a robust Learning Management System (LMS) is crucial for companies to attract, recruit, engage, and retain top talent. A tangible career growth path supported by strong learning resources and programs can keep your employees engaged, satisfied, and more importantly, upskilling. 

With isolved Learn & Grow, you'll be able to deliver comprehensive training to your employees within an end-to-end Learning Management System. Employees will have the autonomy and flexibility to design their learning path and learn at their own pace, while employers can oversee and adjust their learning path with a single click.

At The Human Resource Consulting Group, we provide comprehensive talent management solutions throughout the whole employee lifecycle. We are dedicated to helping you build a top-tier workforce, all while staying compliant with federal and state employment laws and regulations.

Enhance Employee Learning Experience
Enhance The Employee
Learning Experience
Improve the employee learning experience with a comprehensive content library. Help employees grow and upskill with learning paths tailored to them.
Improve Employee Engagement & Collaboration
Improve Employee
Engagement & Collaboration
Empower employees with immersive learning and help them better collaborate within the organization, fueling meaningful communication and engagement.
Better Attract & Retain Talent
Better Attract &
Retain Talent
Provide tailored and on-demand learning options and help create a talent pipeline for the future, while preventing turnover with incentive upskilling and optimal learning experience.
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Learning Management System (LMS) with isolved

isolved Learn & Grow is a robust and end-to-end Learning Management System that's designed to help streamline employee learning, customize learning paths and courses, automate employee training, and provide real-time insights into learning status. The isolved LMS dashboard allows you to generate customizable reports on employee learning and development.

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HRCG - Learning Management System (LMS)

Features of isolved Learning Management System (LMS)


Our Learning Management System provides a comprehensive content library for different talents, positions, and industries. With a visually intuitive interface, our LMS makes employee training and learning simple. Employees can customize their learning path and select courses and materials that fit their goals. Employers can also leverage insightful metrics into employee development with a single click.

Robust and Inclusive Content Library

AI-Powered Search Tools and a Chatbot to Assist

Industry Specific Training Materials

Comprehensive Reports via the Learning Dashboard

Personalized & Configurable Curriculums and Paths

Gain Complete Visibility into Learning Metrics

HRCG - Learn and Grow Product Profile

Boost Employee Performance and Engagement with Our LMS

Download our Learn & Grow Product Profile and see how our learning management solution enables you to streamline and simplify employee learning, making it effortless and straightforward. Enhance engagement and retention of your top talent through compelling incentives and an exceptional learning journey with our LMS.

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