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Employee Benefits


Benefits management made easy.

Let's face it, the magic keyboard button does not exist, and any HR executive knows the pain, time, and trouble associated with managing employee benefits. Benefits management is an invaluable service that a company can provide to their employees, and it's one of the most attractive aspects of their relationship with you. What do you stand to lose if these ever-changing offerings are not managed properly?

Establishing, administering, and managing affordable benefits should not detract from your organization’s internal resources. HRCG provides benefit administration as an outsourced service, giving you the advantage of our economies of scale, as well as the technology to integrate and streamline all records and transactions. Our experts do the leg work for you, designing appropriate benefit plans, securing providers, managing open enrollments, reconciling all payments and invoices, and notifying you of upcoming changes.

Designing custom benefits plans
Designing custom benefits plans
Managing open enrollments
Managing open enrollments
Managing open enrollments
Securing providers
Reconciling payments & invoices
Reconciling payments & invoices
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isolved Benefits

isolved Benefits is the cutting-edge software that allows us to provide tailored employee benefits solutions that will not only save you time, but will also result in improved employee engagement.

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isolved benefits software on desktop and mobile phone app

Features of isolved Benefits Software

Streamlined open enrollment


Carrier specific reports

Automated processes

Multiple components

And much more!

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