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Accurate Employee Data

Insufficient access to crucial employee information hampers the ability to make informed decisions. Even when this data is available, the challenge often lies in dedicating the necessary time and resources for effective analysis. This bottleneck in data-driven strategies can negatively impact overall business performance and the quality of employee experience. To foster an engaged workforce and ensure your business flourishes, it's essential to have access to both critical data and the analytical tools to make sense of it.

With isolved Predictive People Analytics, you can gain actionable insights from every area within the isolved People Cloud System. Our user-friendly and customizable dashboards enable you to navigate through vital employee metrics, empowering you to effortlessly make well-informed decisions, even without any background in data analysis.

At The Human Resource Consulting Group, we provide comprehensive workforce management solutions throughout the entire employee lifecycle. We are dedicated to helping you build a top-tier workforce, all while staying compliant with federal and state employment laws and regulations.

Improve Engagement and Productivity
Improve Engagement
and Productivity
Increase engagement and productivity with real-time, actionable insights to stay ahead of workforce needs
Enhance Strategic Decision-Making
Enhance Strategic
Enhance strategic decision-making by combining key business metrics with employee data in an easy-to-use way
Easily Target Growth Opportunities
Easily Target
Growth Opportunities
Gain insights into factors driving specific business trends, benchmarks on salary, tenure, and turnover to identify areas for growth
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isolved Predictive People Analytics Software

isolved Predictive People Analytics is a powerful tool in People Cloud that's designed to guide companies on a clear path from uncertainty, to strategic human capital management. With People Analytics, you can gain advanced insights into employment that are directly accessible to the individuals who benefit most.

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HRCG - People Analytics Dashboard

Features of isolved Predictive People Analytics


With isolved Predictive People Analytics, you gain access to enterprise-grade analytics and actionable insights from data across the entire isolved People Cloud Platform. Intuitive and configurable dashboards allow you to easily view key employee metrics and make informed decisions with no data analysis expertise required.

View employee data within a simplified, graphical view

Access information through voice navigation via a virtual assistant

Identify current trends that require action and predict future requirements

Visualize employee data and insights in different report types

Gain crucial insights and enhance talent acquisition and retention strategy

And much more!

HRCG - People Analytics Product Profile

Leveraging Powerful Employee Data with People Analytics

Download our People Analytics Product Profile and see how our Predictive People Analytics tool enables you to streamline and optimize decision-making by leveraging accurate employee data and insights. Customize reports based on your business needs and goals, identify trends in employee engagement and performance, and optimize your talent acquisition strategy all within one tool.

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