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What if you could get the BIG payroll and HR service that national companies tout, but get it from a local group that delivers it with a personal touch?

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The Human Resource Consulting Group is a team comprised of HR professionals who provide sound strategic advice along with a unique and personal high-touch approach to human resources, payroll, and benefits administration to companies across the United States.


At HRCG, we make moving and managing your payroll easy.

Human Resources

HRCG provides expert hands-on service with your HR duties.

Employee Benefits

Benefits Management is an invaluable service HRCG can provide to you.

Time & Attendance

Accurately track, manage, & process time & attendance for your entire workforce.

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The Human Resource Consulting Group, LLC is a full-service Payroll and HR service provider dedicated to delivering highly personal and customized solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. We are a comprehensive HR outsourcing firm that offers a wide range of HR consulting services tailored to each individual business.


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