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The isolved People Cloud enables you to manage your most important asset - your people.

Running a wholesale business comes with unique operational and human capital challenges, from maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations, to managing a fluctuating workforce. Attracting and retaining talent, and effectively managing the complexities of your workforce is crucial to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, allowing you to focus on the health and growth of your organization. The Human Resource Consulting Group simplifies workforce management for wholesale businesses by securely and efficiently handling HR, Benefits, Payroll and Time & Attendance. This leaves you to focus on enabling and empowering your team to maximize productivity throughout the entire operation of your business.

Wholesale HR Services & Payroll Solutions 

  • Unify HR & OSHA data
  • Ensure regulatory compliance 
  • Provide real-time workforce metrics 
  • Improve critical labor decisions 
  • Drive engagement & productivity

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The HR and Payroll platform that does it all.

Are you ready to simplify your Wholesale HR, Payroll, & HCM Processes? This free guide highlights the power of our user-focused solution for Payroll, HR, Time, and Benefits.

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