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Organizations of all sizes in Connecticut and throughout the US rely on their people to drive their business forward, and recruitment is one of the most important HR functions that contributes to long-term positive business outcomes. Identifying, interviewing, negotiating and onboarding talented employees takes significant time and resources from many individuals, which is why having a trusted partner, and an efficient and effective solution is core saving time and resources, and getting the best people on-board.

The Human Resource Consulting Group offers comprehensive solutions and expert resources to help you build a top-tier workforce while staying in compliance with the myriad of hiring and employment laws and regulations.

We provide comprehensive support from the development and implementation of sourcing, assessing, and selecting new hire candidates to new employee onboarding. You'll be able to hire better employees, easier, and faster, with robust tools for recruitment, hiring, and onboarding.

Sourcing & Initial Screening
Sourcing & Initial Screening
Develop recruiting strategy and position descriptions. Post internal open positions and provide monitoring and report on applicant tracking.
Screening & Assessment
Screening & Assessment
Monitor applicant activities and follow up on candidate status. Collect and process data and update internal records.
Interview & Selection
Interview & Selection
Administer the entire interview and selection process from conducting interviews to hiring decisions to employment offer details and negotiation.
Enrollment & Induction
Enrollment & Induction
Conduct background and reference checks. Obtain new employee paperwork and process Payroll, Benefits, and Pension enrollments.
General Administration
General Administration
Define, develop, generate and send correspondence and collateral materials such as new employee orientation package in electronic distribution.
Employee Orientation
Employee Orientation
Provide new employee orientation content for placement on Web as it relates to company information and policies.
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Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, and Offboarding Solutions

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Effortlessly attract, hire, & onboard qualified candidates

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Foster a great employee experience, with easy onboarding

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Customized Recruitment Solution with HRCG & isolved

isolved Attract & Hire can help streamline hiring, using customizable solutions that are optimized for every stage of the recruitment process, from posting new positions to job boards to new employee onboarding. Quickly grow your talented staff, find candidates for remote hires, diversify your team, and more with our isolved Attract & Hire solution.

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Connecticut Talent Acquisition Solution

Features of the isolved Recruitment Software


Combined with our comprehensive recruitment, hiring, and onboarding services, our cutting-edge HR software allows us to manage and monitor all activities throughout the recruiting process with all data contained and accessible in one integrated system. Whether you want to follow up with candidate status or pull interview records, isolved is the answer for all of your recruiting needs.

Pre-Built, Customizable Onboarding Portals 

Applicants & Recruiters Two-Way Communication

Post to Hundreds of Job Boards with a Single Click

Paperless, Easy & Fast Onboarding

E-Verification for New Hires & Potential Candidates

And much more!

Other HCM Services We Offer


At HRCG, we make moving and managing your payroll easy.

Employee Benefits

Benefits Management is an invaluable service HRCG can provide to you.

Time & Labor

Accurately track, manage, & process time & attendance for your entire workforce.


HRCG provides expert hands-on service with your HR duties.

Perform & Share

HRCG performance management allows for max productivity & employee growth.

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