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What if you could get the BIG payroll and HR service that national companies tout, but get it from a local group that delivers it with a personal touch?

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Our clients say we make it easy. It's true.

Welcome to The Human Resource Consulting Group – a team comprised of HR professionals who provide sound strategic advice along with a unique and personal high-touch approach to human resources, payroll and benefits administration to companies across the United States.


At HRCG, we make moving and managing your payroll easy.

Human Resources

HRCG provides expert hands-on service with your HR duties.

Employee Benefits

Benefits Management is an invaluable service HRCG can provide to you.

Time & Attendance

Accurately track, manage, & process time & attendance for your entire workforce.

We'll Focus On Your People, So You Get Back To Business

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The Human Resource Consulting Group, LLC is truly a full service Payroll and Human Resource service provider dedicated to providing our clients with highly personal and customized services that meet their unique needs.

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See What HR Consulting Group Customers Say...

“HRCG helped us expand from one, to many stores by providing accurate and flexible services. We use to do everything in-house, especially while we were acquiring other businesses. We thought we had to. We later realized we didn’t need to be consumed by the burdens of HR, Benefits and 401K administration. The staff at HRCG has been very helpful, in every situation -- employment and unemployment related.”

Knowledge, personal service and attention to detail are the threads that make up HRCG.”

-Russ Mitchell, Co President

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“We own over 1.5 million square feet of inventory space, carrying over 100,000 different building products and have over 300 employees in multiple locations throughout New England. While we expected the transition from internal HR to an alliance with HRCG to be somewhat painful, transitioning to their HR, Benefit and Payroll services was easy. Their team provides a wealth of knowledge and experience, delivered with personal service. This partnership has made us more efficient and allows us to focus on the big picture – growing our business.”

-Jay Sheehy, President and CEO
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