Optimizing Employee Schedules for Enhanced Productivity and Profitability


Jodi Santoyo

on Aug 4, 2023 11:57:16 AM

Managing employee schedules can quickly become time-consuming and costly for an organization, especially with inefficient processes and outdated software. Creating, adjusting, and managing a large number of employees’ schedules, accommodating all the deviations, and monitoring changes can take time and focus away from managers and HR staff who should be spending the majority of their energy on supporting their employees. 

Fortunately, scheduling software is there to help. It’s a no-brainer for companies to adopt modern scheduling software to reduce the time and labor costs in employee scheduling. Especially with the labor shortage, US companies are prioritizing getting the most out of their workforce, and a critical component of optimizing productivity is optimizing time & labor management.

Optimize Employee Schedules with Scheduling Software

Scheduling software makes it easy to manage employee schedules in real-time - changing, moving, and scheduling employee shifts within one system. Automated notifications can be sent to all employees when schedules are posted, reducing chaos in communicating and coordinating schedule changes. It also helps ensure compliance with legal scheduling regulations specific to your city, state, and at the federal level as well.

  • Schedule permission rules: Set rules for who is able to be assigned to a particular shift
  • Determine shift eligibility: Outline who is eligible for a shift
  • Employee unavailability: At-a-glance details of which employees are unavailable to work
  • Scheduler alert view: Instant alerts generated and visible when schedules are created and pushed live
  • Employee shift requests: Allow employees to request which shifts they want to work
  • Maintain draft status of added or edited shifts: Keep shifts in draft form as managers and supervisors edit schedules
  • Coverage requests: Allow employees to request coverage for a shift within a pool of fellow employees

The Benefits of Scheduling Software

At the core, scheduling software streamlines manual scheduling processes, freeing managers from repetitive administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more business-critical work. Creating bi-directional accessibility to schedules increases transparency and visibility, allowing open communication throughout the organization. It’s also much easier to maintain compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws when you have a system to rely on for tracking regulatory changes and setting up alarm triggers when there’s a potential violation. A scheduling system also gives employers visibility on staffing challenges and opportunities, helping employers make informed decisions and shift focus to value-added business operations. 

  • Increased flexibility with flexible setup for shifts and schedule parameters
  • Reduced redundancy with access to shift templates for recurring schedules
  • Reduced costs and hassle with fast, easy approval process for shift swapping
  • Efficient, open, regular communication within one platform with instant notification for changes in schedules
  • Improved employee accountability with more transparency

Start Optimizing Employee Schedules Today 

Optimizing employee schedules is an essential step to improving productivity and profitability. Adopting scheduling software can make the whole process easier and more efficient. Contact us today for a demo of our scheduling software

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Author: Jodi Santoyo

Jodi Santoyo - Employer PassJodi Santoyo is a seasoned professional in human resources and payroll operations, currently serving as the Assistant Director of Operations at The Human Resource Consulting Group. Jodi has been a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) since 2007. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Jodi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Her deep understanding of payroll intricacies, coupled with her leadership finesse, enables her to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and uphold the highest standards of service.

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