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on Aug 24, 2023 3:15:27 PM


We are honored to be the trusted HR consulting partner for our esteemed client, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending abuse and offering life-changing opportunities for individuals in need. With a profound history dating back to 1884, they have been a beacon of hope in Fairfield County, providing essential services to six towns in the region.

From the outset, our partnership was built on mutual respect, trust, and a shared commitment to their mission. Our team of seasoned HR consultants immersed themselves in understanding the unique needs, culture, and aspirations of the organization. We fostered open lines of communication, creating an environment where they felt confident relying on our judgment and expertise.

Challenge #1: Resolving Critical Legal Risk

The client faced a complex situation with an employee in a protected class.  The HRCG team worked closely with our valued client to provide essential guidance and expertise, prioritizing compliance, and the well-being of their employees. Through meticulous efforts and strategic interventions spanning several months, we successfully resolved the situation, offering reassurance and support to both our client and their staff. Together, we navigated the complexities of the legal landscape, mitigating potential risks and expenses associated with the issue, and providing the best path forward.  

Challenge #2: Unlocking Grant Opportunities for Sustainable Growth

Our team understands the significance of expanding revenue streams for non-profit organizations. Leveraging our comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, we were able to seamlessly merge data, resulting in a transformation of their entire grant application process. By automating data extraction and analysis, we empowered the non-profit to effortlessly access key employee data and metrics to support potential grants. Through this integration, they experienced enhanced efficiency, and increased grant success rates, including a new $1 Million grant that contributed to their stability and growth.


At HRCG, we understand the complexities of the non-profit industry and the unique challenges it presents. From helping navigate employee-related risks to maximizing revenue opportunities through grants, we continually strive to elevate the potential of our partners to new heights. With our expertise and support, our non-profit partners can focus on driving positive change and making a lasting impact in their communities. Together, we create a powerful synergy that propels our non-profit clients toward sustainable success and a brighter future.

Nonprofit HCM Solution Info Sheet

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Nonprofit HCM Solution Info Sheet

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